Shhhhhhh, an announcement about something cool is coming soon.... This is just a quick sneak peek.


I think this is a hippo. I know that he loves you.

Circus Models

Just the models, that's it. No texturing/lighting, etc. yet. From a project I'm currently working on.

Breadwig Tattoos!

Through the years I've had folks get tattoos of my cartoony characters, I think it's awesome. I've never had anyone actually get a tattoo of my Breadwig logo before though! Yay, and it looks great. Deniz Ozgun, a fashion photographer from Turkey got my Breadwig logo, along with one of my birdy doodles. I think...

With a doo like that, you’d be happy too.

The truth is often mysterious, but always painful.

Animal Gas

A bit of a sneak peek at what I'm working on this summer.

Brother Thomas

My good friend Steve Leeper asked me to be a guest artist for his animated short film project Brother Thomas. So, here's my take on the characters from his film.

Roscoe Wizzle

Here's the cover I recently did for David Elliott's hilarious book The Transmogrification of Roscoe Wizzle. Click here to see how the whole cover creation process happened. (more…)