Popsicle Stick Theater: Esther Excerpts!

Yay! The new What's In the Bible DVD is out. Here's some of my work for the Popsicle Stick Theater segment!  

9 Degrees North: The ABCs of North Ghana

Yay!!!! I'm so excited. The picture book I contributed to, 9 Degrees North: The ABCs of North Ghana is now out! Proceeds from the sale of this book go to support scholarships for girls in North Ghana. A really great cause. You  can order the book here for $20. What's awesome is that for $30...

Serious Mice

For some reason I really dig these mousy little guys, even if they have no sense of humor.

Cleopatra in Space!!!

Mike Maihack, the creator of the awesome comic series Cleopatra in Space asked me to do a guest comic for his Cleo site. How could I refuse?


My good friend Steve Leeper is working on an awesome short film called Brother Thomas. Seeing all his monk art inspired me to monk it up. Click it for a bigger version.


Thot this illustration fit this week's Illustration Friday theme.

Piggy Glasses

I'm designing my own glasses, and I started with this little sketch. Then I modeled him in 3d and played around with how they'd look made out of wood. And here's a little video showing them spinnin' round in all their optical piggy glory.

Grrrrr Arrrrg

I really want to build this guy in 3d.