Posted by | December 23, 2011
The Great Cheese Squeeze

My first children’s picture book for the ipad that I wrote and illustrated with Keith Lango, is now available in the ibookstore and on itunes. With all new updated artwork,...

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Posted by | March 26, 2011
Seabirds Redux

Here's another version of the seabirds illustration with some new colors/textures.

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Posted by | March 14, 2011
The Flowers and the Butterfly

Another illustration for the same line of children's cups. This is my color version, as the client needed a different take on the color scheme

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Posted by | February 28, 2011
3d Monkey Zebra Circus Mayhem

Here's another illustration from the line of kids' cups that I worked on recently.

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Posted by | January 6, 2011

This is from a series of illustrations I did for a line of kids' drinking cups.

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Posted by | March 7, 2010
Animated Russian Cat Nesting Dolls

Designed, modeled, textured and lit by yours truly. Animated by the fabulous Shahbaazinator.

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Posted by | February 20, 2010
More cat doll tests
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Posted by | December 26, 2009
Igor’s Mighty Hand

+ © owned by Saputo Bakery, Inc. While I didn't do the animation here, I did design, model and create this character and background. Igor was a monkey shill for...

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Posted by | November 20, 2009
Glass Elephant Teapot Redux

Just playing around with the materials on my glass elephant teapot. Thought I'd share a new render of it. Sharing is good, right?

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Posted by | October 27, 2009

I can't seem to stop making Frankenstein pigs! Anyway, I decided to model up this guy in 3d. I think he'd make a swell toy.  Click on MORE for some...

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