Posted by | April 14, 2007
protein foam

I can't think of any food that isn't better foamed from a can.  

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Posted by | March 23, 2007
Old Spaghetti

Well, the Old Spaghetti Factory that is. This is a freelance job I did recently. It's a menu cover for the Old Spaghetti Factory chain of restaurants. Click on "more" for...

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Posted by | March 8, 2007

Dogs and Robots, two of my favorite things. No, no, that's not my third favorite thing. Keep reading for sketches, models and process. First the sketch. Yeah, I know, me...

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Posted by | March 2, 2007
Cocoa Indifference

As promised here's a little of my process from another illustration I did for the children's book Hot Chocolate for Sale. Click the orange "more". (more…)

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Posted by | February 23, 2007
Piggie goes Grrrrr

For the latest Drawergeeks. The topic was "Grrrrr Face". So naturally I thought of a pig.  Click on "more" for some nifty making of stuff, including the super exciting piggie...

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Posted by | February 13, 2007
Round and round and round

 I wanted to try a quicktime movie in a post, so this is just a test. Click the image to see the caveman twirl. Wheeeeeeeeee!

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Posted by | February 7, 2007

Hey, I got a mention over at the super cool site SandboxWorld, check it out! Wow, it's sure been cold here, and snowy! So I figured this illustration was appropo. Or is...

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Posted by | January 26, 2007
Potted Neanderthal

I'm honestly not quite sure what happened here. Caveman was the latest topic for drawergeeks and this idea just sort of came to me while I was in the shower....

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Posted by | January 20, 2007
Littered with kitties

I just finished this illustration up for none other than Meow Mix!  Wheee. They commisioned several illustrators to do new versions of their character. Unfortunately mine didn't make the final cut,...

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Posted by | December 16, 2006
Santa Blast

This week's Drawergeeks was Santa. I figured one of Santa's reindeer is always lighting the way, so.....    (click on the image for some cool zoomage action) (more…)

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