Posted by | April 21, 2008
Figgy in the Woods

Haven't posted much of my photography lately, so I guess it's time. Here's our dog Figbert tracking something down in the woods behind our house. Click for a bigger pic.

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Posted by | December 10, 2007
Faux Toes

Yep, I've finally got a gallery of my photographs up. Wheee. You can check them out at 

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Posted by | November 30, 2007
The Old Garage

Taken at night. Thank goodness for long exposures. 

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Posted by | October 31, 2007
dirty birds
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Posted by | October 16, 2007
My punkin’

Carved fresh tonite.

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Posted by | October 8, 2007
black dogs. B+W photography

Black dogs and black and white photography. I just want to say, it's actually quite difficult. At least for me. The top one is our dog Fable. The bottom dog...

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Posted by | October 3, 2007

I have been so busy with school and freelance work this semester that my art and writing are suffering greatly. And consequently so is my blog.  :(  Until I can...

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Posted by | September 16, 2007
by plopular demand

Okay, there was no real demand for this, let alone a ploppy demand. But I thought these were nifty. Anyway, here's the photos I used for the flowering clown illustration....

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Posted by | September 6, 2007
my crocked out feet

Since the topic of my crock wearing tootsies has been bantered about, here's a photo I took of them on the beach this summer.

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Posted by | August 13, 2007

As long as you don't step all the way through, can you ever go wrong with a doorway? I took this up at the old family farm in far Northern...

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