Posted by | November 2, 2012
The Cow Farmer

Noooo, he's not a farmer of cows, silly. He's a farmer who is a cow! Anyway, here's a video describing the process I used to create this illustrations. Have fun,...

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Posted by | October 2, 2012
Circus Models

Just the models, that's it. No texturing/lighting, etc. yet. From a project I'm currently working on.

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Posted by | May 22, 2012
Roscoe Wizzle

Here's the cover I recently did for David Elliott's hilarious book The Transmogrification of Roscoe Wizzle. Click here to see how the whole cover creation process happened. (more…)

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Posted by | September 6, 2011
Indiana Jones Step by Step in Photoshop

First up is the zippy, light hearted, and spirit lifting version.   [youtube][/youtube] And now we have the sloooooow, so you actually see what's happening, but would probably be boring...

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Posted by | April 24, 2011

To celebrate the new design (which is basically just a much simpler/cleaner version of the old, I decided to do an illustration of one of my favorite cartoon...

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Posted by | April 5, 2010
Woodcut Easter Illustration

This is based on sketch that I did in church on Easter. This is a little different than most of my work. I recorded myself making it, so you can...

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Posted by | March 22, 2010
Making of The Thing…..

Sounds scary don't it? It do, it do. But it's really just a short making of movie for my illustration of Ben Grimm from the Fantastic Four. I put it...

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Posted by | February 16, 2010
Cat nesting doll test renders

Here's a few renders of one of the nesting dolls. I also included his texture map and a section of his bump map, cuz I knew you'd want me to.

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Posted by | January 7, 2010

I finally got around to coloring these old Frankenstein Elephant rejects last night. Click more for a little step by stepperino action. (more…)

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Posted by | December 29, 2009
Pug Progression

My friend MindiĀ asked if I ever drew pugs. I realized no, I had never drawn a pug. So I started drawing some. Here is my first pug sketch. Pretty standard....

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