Posted by | September 9, 2006
Pantys Fants


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Posted by | September 6, 2006
Pantelope character designs, etc. Part 1

I did a bunch of character designs and a couple illustrations for, and since none of them got used (at least not yet anyways) I thought I should put...

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Posted by | August 25, 2006
The True Church of Elvis

I thought I'd do a stained glass version of Elvis. Why? No, no, no. Why not? (more…)

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Posted by | August 11, 2006
What’s that thing doing here?

Here's my version of Benjamin J. Grimm (of The Fantastic Four Fame). He's my favorite, cuz he's done made with rocks. I like rocks.  Keep scrolling, cuz I gots me...

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Posted by | July 26, 2006
Iron Boy

Here's another illustration from Drawer Geeks. The assignment was Iron Man. I ended up doing an Iron Boy, cuz I thought it would be nifty. Here he is, followed by some...

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Posted by | July 14, 2006

This week on Drawergeeks, I got to pick the assignment! So I chose my all time favorite superhero, Chickenman. Jeezum Crow, did the drawergeeks ever rock the house on this one, wow....

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Posted by | July 6, 2006

This was our last assignment on Here's some of the steps I used to create this: (more…)

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