Blue Pencil Portrait #2


Goat T.

Sometimes I forget how much I enjoy drawing things with some detail.



Future Birds

Pile O’ Pigs

Purple Doodlinz

Mo’ red scribblinz

More Red Pencil Sketching

Madison Doodle 2

Bearded in Mystery

Madison doodle 1

A character exploration for a new story series I’m working on.

fear the beard


Esther Scene 1

Some illustration work I did for the What’s In The Bible dvd series. Some of my most favorite freelance work ever. I love working with that team.

Give me a hug.

Regal Discussion

They’re all happy to see you.

More Paul

The further adventures of Paul in Popsicle Stick Theater land.

Uh oh….

More illustration work from the What’s In The Bible dvd series.